Super Food Powder

1. Product features 

- Super food powder products which various berries and diverse super foods are dried and powdered

- Products are crushed after freeze-drying or hot-air drying raw material without using any additives

- It can be used in various cuisines, or mixed to take with milk, yogurt, ice cream and etc.

2. Types of products

- Freeze-dried aronia powder, Dried beer yeast, Vitamin tree fruit powder, Spirulina powder, African (wild) mongo seed extract powder, Puer tea extract powder, Fish collagen, Xylitol, Green apple extract powder, Lemon balm extract powder and Roselle hibiscus powder

3. Expiration date and storage method

- One (1) year from the date of manufacture

- Avoid the place with high temperature and high humidity, and keep it sealed in a dry and cool place.

4. Packaging unit

- 150g ~ 300g unit bottle package per each product