Instant bibimbap

1. Product features

- Convenient Bibimbap that can be taken immediately in 9 ~ 10 minutes after pouring hot water 

- Dried vegetables are included to enhance flavor. 

- Realizing the natural and soft taste of rice by using puffed rice manufactured with the uniquely developed and patented processing method 

2. Types of products 

- Spicy seafood taste Bibimbap (137.5g)

- Hot curry Bibimbap (137g)

- Beef red pepper paste Bibimbap (149.5g) 

- Piquant kimchi taste Bibimbap (161.5g) 

3. How to take in 

- After opening the container, take out the sauce, sesame oil and spoon, and pour hot water to the water marking line. 

- After stir well to wet evenly, close the zipper. 

- After about 9 minutes, add the sauce and sesame oil, and mix well to eat. 

4. Product specification 

- Expiration date: 12 months from the date of manufacture 

- Envelop size: 19cm x 16cm