Instant Ramenbap

1. Product features
- Product with the texture of food to take rice putting into ramen, as ramen and rice are included.
- As it can be taken in 4 ~ 5 minutes after pouring hot water, it can be simply and conveniently taken indoors, or at leisure activities such as mountain climbing, fishing and etc.
- Realizing the natural and soft taste of rice by using puffed rice manufactured with the uniquely developed and patented processing method

2. Types of products
- Zipper bag: Cheese ramen rice (110g), Spicy seafood ramen rice (128g), Hot spicy ramen rice (110g) and Kimchi ramen rice (110g)
- Cup container: Cheese ramen rice (96g) and Kimchi ramen rice (95g)

3. How to take in
- Open it and put ramen, rice and soup (sauce) together, and after pouring hot water to the water marking line, mix well and close it.
- After 4 ~ 5 minutes, open it and stir well to eat.

4. Product specification
- Envelop size: 18cm x 18.5cm
- Cup container size: 11cm diameter x 12cm height
- Expiration date: 10 months after the date of manufacture

5. Development of OEM product
As we manufacture the products, it is possible to develop the product that meets the market situation through the discussion by both parties.