Grain powder

1. Product features 

- Product that is instantly manufactured for sale upon request of a customer

- Uncooked raw food on demand, in which specific raw materials can be adjusted depending on 

consumer’s preference or purpose

- Simple and convenient meal substitute by which you can evenly take nutrients necessary for your body, 

as various raw materials such as grains, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts and seaweeds are mixed.

- 100% domestic raw materials are carefully selected and instantly manufactured, 

so you can eat the domestic food in relief.

2. Types of products

- By intake target: Uncooked raw food for family, Uncooked raw food for students, 

Specialty uncooked raw food, Doori meal and etc.

- By raw materials: Chlorella uncooked raw food, Black uncooked raw food, 

Instant mixed grain powder and etc.