Grain snack


1. Product features
- It has the unique aromatic and soft texture of food, as it is processed using hot air roasting method.
- As it is manufactured based on the processing know-how accumulated over 29 years, the inside and outside of the product is cooked uniformly, maintaining the soft texture until the end without hardening when it gets cool.
- Our processing know-how is widely recognized, and it is used for various products such as OEM product development as well as supplying to large food companies as raw material product.

2. Product composition
- By raw materials: Baked brown rice, baked black rice, baked adlay, baked winding snoutbean, baked green kernel black bean, and etc.
- By processing type: Snack, cereal, granola, crush type, and etc.

3. Expiration date and storage method
- One (1) year from the date of manufacture
- Avoid direct sunlight, and store it sealed in a dry and cool place.