Mixed grain powder

1. Product features
- As it is manufactured by steaming and stir-frying all grains, the taste is aromatic with good digestive absorption.
- Korean food of the best domestic agricultural products, using only selected domestic grains.
- It is produced through the strict quality control and hygiene management using HACCP certified facilities.

2. Product composition
- By raw materials: 100% domestic grains, organic product
- Own brand product: It is sold at E-Mart, Nonghyup ((Agricultural Cooperative) Hanaro Mart and etc.
- OEM products: Developing various OEM and ODM products including special raw materials added product upon request of customers
- By package type: Zipper bag product, pouch product, bottle container product, can seamer container product and etc.

3. Expiration date and storage method
- One (1) year from the date of manufacture
- Avoid direct sunlight, and store it sealed in a cool and dry place.