Disposable meal

1. Product features

- Convenient powder type meal substitute which you can drink after putting and shaking water or milk

- Product of powdered mixture of grains, beans, vegetables, nuts and other nutrients

- Product you can enjoy crispy chewing taste, brown rice and others are mixed in for form of cereal

- It is good for the convenience meal for workers as it is easy to carry, and in particular, the product is suitable for women who want diet.

2. How to take in

- Pour water or milk to the water marking line, shake well and drink it. (Adjust the quantity according to your preference.)

3. Types of products

- Good Balance Plain (Grains), Good Balance Sweet Pumpkin, Good Balance Chocolate, Good Balance Yogurt, Good Balance Café Latte, and Good Balance Milk Tea

- Zipper pouch type can be developed as well.

4. Expiration date and storage method

- One (1) year from the date of manufacture

- Avoid direct sunlight, and store it sealed in a dry and cool place.